We are an advertising agency that aims in results.

Do you have the feeling your investments in advertising are not bringing results?

This happens because any advertising investment can beat marketing online, its segmentation, and its results measurement.

Through the web, you can identify market trends, and clients’ profiles, you can also divide your activity, and with it reach your target audience.

Other essential online advertising attribute is a detailed measurement of which is the impact caused for you investments, and which results this investments are capable to create. All this allows you to reproduce the hits, and turn your actions much more profitable.

Marke plays the role of an Advertising Agency, but focusing in investments that will bring real results. We are specialized in using not conventional resources and strategies for you to collect new clients and increase your web sales. Thus, it debunks the belief of spending a lot of money in your online ads investments.

What about online advertising with Facebook©? It’s good, only if it is the most efficient channel for your product. It’s not worth it to pay for an ad on Facebook©, in order to have millions of followers that don’t give results to your company.

Facebook© Ads, Google AdWords sponsored links, and other ad networks: we analyze market and your approach, and identify the best online marketing strategies for your company, aiming in reaching your target audience and effective results.

During hard times it’s better to get the best results with the lowest investments possible.

Unlike a traditional Advertising Agency, we take responsibility for giving you more and better results; improving your ads and creating actions with SEO consultant through content marketing and online marketing strategies.

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