Online results according to your necessity

Do you know what makes Marke’s work so different from everything you have seen? We are an agency with a focus in make results for your business. We work mainly with the goal of increasing your sales, and all this is the result of analyzing the real situation of your business and making a plan to attend 100% of your business necessities.

John Schmidt

Customer Relationship and Director of Content

+55 51 99699.2166

John has a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Marketing at UNISINOS, he is an experienced professional in the market with a focus on commercial and relationship management.

Leonardo Hauschild

Strategy and Businesses & Market Analysis Director

+55 51 98143.0410

A professional with more than 20 years of experience in Advertising, and specialized in Marketing by FGV, Leonardo’s already attended international well known companies in branding and technology fields.

Investing in Advertising without real course of action in monitoring the services is blowing your own money!

High investments are useless if you can realize which ones are really bringing results, don’t you think? So, this is the biggest advantage in using the web as your main advertising marketing strategy, everything can be monitored.

This kind of monitoring is essential to be able to map the behavior of your target audience, to improve your marketing actions, and aiming more and more in getting things right.

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How the company started:

Marke is an online marketing and SEO company that resulted from the junction of several professionals with multiple expertise, which converge in order to focusing in creating more results to its clients through the creation of websites with the most effective search tools, SEO consulting, and the development of other strategies of online marketing.

After a broad experience with the traditional marketing, and through personal projects in the digital technology field, Marke founders have learned internet is the best way for you to be found, impact the right customer, measure your results, but mainly turn your contacts into sales.

Have you ever had the feeling of wasting money? That’s right! We were, little by little, realizing we should do things differently. And we have learned how to do it differently!

When we talk about traditional marketing we are talking about high media’s investments, which is something that, although looks like to many people the only way, do not bring the effectively results to your business, such as to spread ads in outdoors all over the city or to spend USD10k in a magazine page, all these are usually the traditional agency proposals towards clients.

But we must do it in a different way, don’t you think?

This learning allowed us to develop a SEO Company with a high effectively team, that due the wide knowledge in its members, thinks outside of the box, looks for alternatives and it’s different from everything you see in the market, and, most of all, to focus on bringing real results to your company by impacting the right customer through SEO and other online strategies as required.